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If you want advice, information, validation, reassurance, or a reality check from a licensed psychotherapist with 30 years of experience doing psychotherapy, you are welcome to write to me.  You can do it anonymously below, where others can get help from reading what we write, and may comment too, or you can write me priviately at my email address.  I answer all posts and emails personally.

Just click on the "Start New Topic" button, to write into the forum  (I set it up so you have to make up a login and password, and wait for approval, only because without it, the forum gets full of automated spam.  I'm sorry it requires a small extra step.  If you take it, please use your real first and last name for the form, and a made-up name for your login that people will see. Only I will see your first and last name, so I can tell you're not a spammer).

If you want to make an appointment to see me, please call me at 510-525-2341or write me at CynthiaLubow@yahoo.com

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