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Make a Payment
Using your credit card or Paypal

If you want to pay for therapy with  your credit card or Paypal, just click on the item you want to buy.  Then choose the option from the drop-down menu that matches our agreed fee.   Click on "Add to Cart," and the instructions will guide you through the process.  Please be aware that Paypal charges a 3% fee for using it's service, which will be added to your bill as "tax."  If we swipe your credit card in the office, there is a 2.75% fee to use the credit card service.  There is no fee to pay with cash or checks.  

If you are paying an amount that doesn't appear in the drop-down menus, and want to use Paypal, you can go to paypal.com and send money to cynthialubow@yahoo.com (our paypal email address) and you can choose any amount.


*Paid every month.  If you want to know more about my fees and Insurance policies, and to understand the implications of the monthly option above, please click here.