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Check out these interesting news stories about depression and other mental health issues below (newest one on top):




Obese Menopausal Women Have Superior Cognitive Ability

Criticism of anti-Depressants

Sleep Deprivation Causes Eurphoria and Consequences

Babies Developing Brains Fed Chemicals by Placenta

Season of Birth May Have Long-Term Effects on Personality, Study Suggests

Depressed Parents' Negative Effects on Kids are Combatable

Mother-Son Incest: Hidden in Shame and Rising

Miscarriage Grief Can Live On

Depression as Deadly as Smoking

               Psychotherapy, Drugs Help Pregnant Women with Depression 

         Postpartum Depression's Effect on the Baby

         Food Supplement for Compulsive Hair-Pulling

              "Positive Psychology" Doesn't Help and Actually Hurts Some of Us

               Emotional Music Triggers Addictive Brain Activity

               Study Shows Dreams Have Meaning (Duh)!

               Bipolar Often Misdiagnosed

               Nightmares as Predictor of Suicidal Symptoms

              Therapy Effective with Insomnia

               Behavioral Therapy and Medication effective with Insomnia

         Child Sexual Abuse Linked to Early Menarche

         Link Between Cancer and Depression

         Anti-Depressant Drug Development is Skewed

         Web-Based Help for Problem Drinkers 

               PTSD May Take Years to Surface

               Video Game Addiction May Be Common

              Why Relationships Change After Marriage 

         Health Benefits of Happiness

         Scientists Find Pleasure Nerves 

         Study Hints at New Addiction Therapy 

         Sleep Problems Linked to Suicide 

              Bill Would Recognize Postpartum Psychosis as a Defense for Moms Who Kill Infants

         Teen Stress Harms Adult Health

         Is Salt Nature's Anti-Depressant?   

         Vitamin D's Role in Depression, Cancer, Fat Accumulation

         Second-Hand Smoke May Double Likelihood of Depression

         Fear, Stress and the Economy

         Chemical Differences in Suicidal Brains

         Hormone Test During Pregnancy May Predict Postpartum Depression

         Using Movies in Therapy

         Link Between Osteoporosis and Depression 

         Post-Menopausal Sexual Desire is Normal and Healthy

         Gratitude Study 

         Stress Impairs Decision-Making--New Study 

         Brain Scans Show Love Doesn't Have to Fade   

         Quality of Client-Therapist Relationship More Important Than Technique

         Dads Get Postpartum Depression Too

         Magnet Treatment Approved by FDA

         Stress Costs Businesses Billions                  

         Financial Crisis Creating Mental Health Crisis

         Sick Leave for Depression Predicts Early Death

         Brain Stimulation Offers Hope for Depression

         Brain Scans Find Source of Seasonal Depression

         Brain Imaging Finds Source of Addiction

         Hope for Test to Diagnose Personality Disorders

         Study of New Depression Treatment

         Obese people victimized by culture

         Alcoholism drug also helps pathological gamblers

         Antidepressants can cause problems for bi-polar patients without a mood stabilizer

         Parents' insomnia increases mental health risk for offspring

         Lawyers suffer depression more than other professions

         New ECT treatment more effective for depression with less memory loss

         Critique of White House assertion that pot causes depression        

         New evidence contradicts previous ones about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy





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