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Oct 05, 2010
10:08 AM
I have over 20 years of therapy. I know you are thinking she must really be a slow learner? lolo I need to be in a group of like minded women, preferable who have done some work on them selves. I am also considering a women and man group? I would like to be around some men who are interested in personal growth and who can speak in complete sentences. Any suggestions, thx Pamela
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Oct 25, 2010
9:23 PM
I've been hoping someone who knew of a group would answer this, because it would be great to find something like that. Sadly, I don't know of one. I have found them with a Google search before, but you can do that as well as I can. I'm sure there must be some. Anybody else know of one? Where are you located, BTW?

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