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Living up to our own standards
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Apr 04, 2010
11:54 AM
One thing I find helpful is to make a list of all the things I'd like to accomplish, either for the day or the week. Making this list is almost meditative in the sense that it allows me to breathe and focus on what I hope to get done. There are always WAY more tasks than there are hours in the day to achieve them all. So I reduce the list down to those tasks which are really "doable". Then I tick them off, one by one. It's satisfying to be able to see that progress. For those of us who need some "semblance of control", this works really well. Of course, I always add more tasks as I complete others, so yeah, the list is hard to complete in its entirety. But it's still a good exercise for those of us who sometimes prefer a methodical approach.

I've also discovered that it's OK not to do them in order. Sometimes letting a task go in favor of another gives a fresh perspective and ability to tackle the troublesome ones at a later date (or not at all!).

When you aim for perfection, you discover it's a moving target.- George Fisher

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