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Sex: Common Questions


These are questions that are very frequently asked, so some of them may be on your mind.  Feel free to ask any of these, or if I haven't included your question, e-mail me yours, and I'll be happy to answer it.  Tell me a little more detail, so I can answer the question for you, personally.  Good answers to these questions involve knowing more about what they mean to you.  Check out the video at the bottom about women's sexual functioning.


Am I normal?

Am I gay/lesbian?

How do I know if I'm gay/lesbian or bisexual?

Do I really want to be the other gender?

Do I want sex too much?

Is it normal not to be interested in sex at all?

What do I do when my partner doesn't want as much sex as I do?

What do I do when my partner wants more sex than I do?

Can people successfully have multiple sexual partners?  How?

What does it mean if I dream or fantasize about sex with someone besides the person I actually have sex with?  What if it's someone of the opposite gender from my partner?

How much masturbation is normal?

Is there really a G-spot, and if so, how do I find it, and what do I do with it?

How can I have orgasms?

How can I be a better lover?

How to: oral sex, anal sex, fisting, orgasm, avoid diseases, tell if I have any sexually transmitted diseases?


This is a great video of a doctor who specializes in women's sexuality.  She talks about what is and isn't normal and specific information about how to resolve various sexual issues including desire, painful intercourse, inability to orgasm, etc.




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