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Who Am I?  Let Me Introduce Myself!
Cynthia W. Lubow, MFT 

I am a psychotherapist (Marriage and Family Therapist #23666), licensed by the State of California in 1987, after I had completed five years of training, 3000 hours of practice, and two rigorous exams. I have been in private practice, specializing in women's issues and depression for over 25 years, and PTSD/trauma for the past 20.  I have a master's degree in clinical counseling, and trained at the Women's Therapy Center in the psychology of women in 1984-1985.

Over the past 30 years, I have worked with, written about, and lectured about depression; PTSD; survivors of abusive, absent, or mismatched parents; grief and loss; infertility; parenting; shame; addictions; homophobia/heterosexism; spiritual cynicism and other issues. I have worked in several clinics, and have supervised other therapists in their process of learning our profession.  I also co-directed an organization for seven years that produced an educational forum for master therapists to train other therapists. I was first trained to use EMDR as a treatment for trauma in 1992 by Francine Shapiro, who invented it, shortly after she invented it, and have continued my training since then. I have gotten amazing results from EMDR.

In my work, I have found that women's struggles with relationships, depression, anxiety, shame, work issues, grief, sexuality and self-esteem are different than those men experience.  I have also found that compassionate, direct psychotherapy has a powerful effect in helping people work through these struggles. I work with heterosexual, lesbian, and queer women, many women of color, as well as a few heterosexual, gay and queer men.

I listen carefully and empathically, but I am not a therapist who says nothing but "uh huh" and "how do you feel about that?"  I offer clear feedback of many different kinds, depending on what you need at any particular moment. I am constantly adjusting to be responsive to your needs as they change. I will always be kind, and I will tell you what your friends don't, with my heart open. I also have a sense of humor, which offers another way for us to connect, or to have a moment of rest from the serious work we do together.






Email: CynthiaLubow@yahoo.com 

 Cynthia W. Lubow, MFT

 For 30+ years, compassionately helping people build self-confidence and feel happier.

 San Francisco East Bay Area Therapist

I can work with anyone who lives in California through Skype

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