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Mind and body are one thing, and it can be very powerful to include body-focused therapies in a total healing process.  Acupuncture, Naturopathic medicine, Chiropractic, Sound healing, Rosen work, Fitness training, Coaching and other modalities can support psychotherapy in rebalancing brain chemistry, hormones, and physical health, so that emotional health can develop as well.  This is why I collaborate with several colleagues who use complimentary healing modalities.  I highly recommend combining their work with mine, to achieve optimal health.  (Click on the title for each professional to go directly to their websites).

Acupuncturist Acupuncturist

Rebecca Cates, LAc is a very skilled, nurturing acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine herbalist. She provides gentle and relaxing treatments that effectively treat a wide variety of concerns including hormonal imbalance, menstrual or menopausal discomfort, PMS, insomnia, anxiety, depression and fertility support.  She also provides  Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation treatments, as a holistic way to help her patients feel and look their best.  Acupuncture addresses the whole body, providing relief for many conditions, and should be considered for anyone wishing for optimum health.  Rebecca and I collaborate with patients, when appropriate, to help them achieve their best possible health and well-being. http://RebeccaCates.com             

Naturopathic Doctor Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Elizabeth Korza, ND treats many people with as wide a variety of complaints as any family doctor.  She successfully treats people who have not been helped by traditional medicine.  She gives people's bodies the chance to heal from depression, anxiety, insomnia, hormonal issues, IBS, allergies, migraines, chronic pain, and other chronic symptoms and illnesses.  Dr Korza and I collaborate with patients struggling with mental health issues that need to be supported by physical health.  Her treatments are more natural, more effective and cause fewer side effects than traditional medicine.

Professional Organizer Professional Organizer

Katherine Korlacki heals through helping you deal with your clutter and disorganization.  If this is your issue, Katherine comes to your house and walks you through any aspect of clearing and organizing your space you want.  She is nurturing, very skilled, non-judgemental, kind and patient.  You will be amazed how easy what seemed overwhelming can be in Katherine's very competent hands.  We work together when someone I'm working with needs hands-on help in their home clearing their clutter.

Fitness Coach Fitness Coach

Carmela Lieras, CPT-NASM is a cutting-edge trainer who uses brain science to retrain your brain/body for optimal fitness.  She doesn't believe in making you hurt.  On the contrary, her methods relieve pain and stiffness and create optimal health through scientifically-based fitness methods.  Repairing emotional injuries without including the body can be an uphill battle.  Carmela can help you restore your body to a younger, more athletic state that allows your whole being to work better.



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