December 18, 2021 @ 9:03 AM

We all make mistakes all the time. Depending on our temperament and experiences, some of us are devastated by our mistakes and have to consciously learn how to handle them. This is the process for those of us who don't naturally know how to heal from our own mistakes:
1. Rather than think about right or wrong, think about the consequences of each act and/or decision. Which consequences do you want to deal with--that will determine your decision/action. Every decision/action has consequences and losses--it's up to you to choose which you want.
2. Grieve what you lost by choosing or acting as you did.
3. Repair anything you can that you hurt by your decision/action.
4. Learn about how you want to handle things in the future from observing the consequences of the choice/action you consider a mistake. This makes you wiser and better equipped for the next challenge.
5. Forgive yourself for what you can't change or learn from.
6. Use your external resources for support in this process.