February 7, 2012 @ 7:44 PM

If you read my last blog, you know  I believe that constant failure is a sign that your expectations are unrealistic.  However, frequent failure is normal.  How often do you make a mistake?  Count not following a traffic law, forgetting something, adding numbers wrong, being late, snapping at someone who didn't deserve it, dropping something, breaking something, getting a fact or word wrong, or bigger stuff--losing a business or job, making a judgment that causes problems, doing something badly that really matters, losing a relationship you once thought you wanted...?  We ALL make mistakes and fail to meet even reasonable expectations sometimes.  We need to meet that experience with the same compassion we would have for our toddler who fell and scraped her knee.  We must expect mistakes and failure and take them as a sign that we are human, we may be able to learn something, and we don't have control over our universe--none of us do.  Mistakes and failures are stepping stones to success--they are part of every learning process.  All we can do is have compassion for ourselves, try to learn from it and not give up on trying to do anything we feel passionately about.