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My Books > Ending the Blues: A Psychotherapist's Secrets to Living Depression-Free
Ending the Blues: A Psychotherapist's Secrets to Living Depression-Free

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Cynthia W. Lubow, MFT has worked as a psychotherapist with depressed patients for over 25 years.  Between her professional experience and years spent healing from her own depression, she has developed a collection of unique and effective self-care techniques for preventing and relieving depression.  Ending the Blues offers a wide variety of tools, but each tool stands alone.  Each is described briefly, so that they are accessible to people who are too depressed to read more than a page at a time.


While psychotherapy and/or medication work for many people, they don’t always work completely for everyone.  In many cases, people suffering from depression get the most relief by also creating a daily life that prevents and relieves depression.  This book teaches you how to do this, in simple, practical terms.


While Cynthia teaches these tools in therapy, learning them out of a book is a more effective use of time and money.  With the book as a reference, therapy time can be focused on healing, rather than just teaching. If you struggle with depression, this is the book to keep close at hand for the rest of your life.  It is the manual that should have been issued with your depression.


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