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Always Tired and insulted
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Dec 23, 2009
12:59 PM
Dear Cynthia,
I always wanted a baby and tried hard for 2 yrs to conceive, saw everyone around having babies and they always put me lowest on their priority list & making me work just because they were busy taking care of their baby. NOW I am a mommy of a 8 month old baby girl (conceived thru IVF) and their is just toooo much work, i am always tired get hardly any rest, have lost my job that they were holding for me for some time...worst of all...the people whom I helped when they had babies never help me. All they do is preach, leacture and tell me what to do and what not to do. My elder sister is worst of them all Eg; my baby started playing w/ a ball so I said, oh I shud get her one, my sister snaps back..." you dont have to, first get her to play w/ what she has, stop wasting money"...such a put down. Allll people talk to me like I am a 4 grader and knows nothing...Now I have been feeling the same, even though I am well read and know much much more than them due to all I went thru in life.
Sorry for the size of the question. Plzzz help me, I feel sad and even make my baby girl sad. I need confidence , feel I have fallen deep deep into depression :(
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Dec 23, 2009
6:38 PM
I'm sure that feels totally unfair. It sounds like you may need some new friends. How about checking out resources in your area for Moms/parents? You can meet other Moms by hanging out in parks while the children play, or going to groups or events for Moms. Don't tolerate put-downs--nobody deserves that, and it's just harmful, as you well know. Either tell people to stop or walk away or whatever you need to do. Do what you would do for your daughter if someone were putting her down. Then find friends who treat you with respect and appreciation.


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