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Cynthia's Hibernation Idea
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Nov 20, 2009
7:21 PM
I think the idea to hibernate during the holidays in a great idea. This is a way in which we can choose to stay in our comfort zone and nurture ourselves during a time of year when the focus is often on scurrying preparations and trying to make everything perfect. I have found that, often, attempting to go out in the world and socialize during a depressive episode can be extremely trying, and I for one often feel worse once I get home and realize everything is still the same. If you're giving everyone else a gift during the holidays, why not give this gift to yourself and allow yourself a time alone to contemplate? Just relaxing and thinking can be a healing process. So, I guess my point is, Cynthia, maybe your idea is not so crazy but is possibly more natural one than most of the typical holiday advice.

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