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May 31, 2009
8:24 PM
I think I am having PTSD but not from war events or anything obviosly serious. I had a a traumatic break-up resulting in a suicide attempt and hospitalization in 1998. It has been 11 years and I have not been able to get the thoughts of her, and the stupid things I did out of my mind. I have triggers of the events, her, me and her what could have been, what isn't, why I can't move on, trying to move on...pain, suffering, embarrasement....I am in a 4 year healthy relationship with a wonderful woman. Why can't I get the thoughts of her out of my life!???

Lots going on. Looking for a gay friendly therapist to help me get over this.
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Jun 01, 2009
4:38 PM
That sounds like torture for you! It sounds like you may have had some thoughts about yourself at the time that are stuck in a tramatized part of your brain, and not being affected by new information. If that's true, EMDR might be able to connect the present with that traumatized part and relieve you of those symptoms permanently. Have you talked with anyone about what you went through and how it's haunting you? If you haven't, just talking about it, especially with a therapist could be enough to quiet it. If you think you might want to work on this with me, I'm certainly gay friendly. Let's make an appointment and talk about this in person, what do you think?


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