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Jan 07, 2008
10:34 AM
i am 37 and feel like i am losing my mind.
i dont wont to be around people i dont like doing the things i used to do.
i have been with my husband 10 years married for 2 and a half i have a 9 year old and 17 year old daughters.and they all comment on my mood all the time.
most people just think im unsociable but im not its just hard to explain so i just let them think what they want to.
i live with this 24-7 my mind a constant swirl of thoughts that i wish to god would just go away.
im tired of feeling like this of thinking,of feeling like crap all the time.
my mind keeps telling me to just do it but ive tried that already right before i met my husband i took 200 tylenol and was in the hospital 4 a week.the dr's recommended therapy that i didnt go to so now what do i do i just cant live like this anymore not only is it destroying me but my family to.
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Jan 08, 2008
12:18 AM
Everything you describe could be a symptom of a serious depression. It could be that things would change for you if you talked to a skilled therapist about what you think and feel. That works when something that is happening in your life, or something that happened in the past is interfering with your feeling good. It could also be that you have an imbalance in your brain chemistry, and talking won't be able to help until anti-depressant medication shifts your brain chemistry. You have suffered so much already--I want you to get relief as soon as possible. What do you think you need? What source of relief are you willing and able to accept?



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Jan 10, 2008
3:02 PM
i wrote to you the other day and there are alot of things I didnt tell you like i have had 5 people in my immediate family commit suicide 1 was mother at age 42,2 uncles 1 on moms side 1 on dads a 1st cousin and a step brother all within a year and a half of each other.
and i can say that if they felt anyway at all like i do now then i dont blame them at all!!!!

i feel like everyday i slip further and further away
its a constant balltle with me and my husband we argue all the time because of my moods,,, he ask me everyday how ifeel. I try to to tell him that its not just going to go away if anything its getting worse,,
now i seem to be getting paranoid.
ever time he comes home i check his phone to see who hes called.
then i wait for the phone bill from our cell to come in to make sure he hasnt deleted any of the calls.


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