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May 08, 2007
7:14 PM
I am a FTM transgender (pre-op) trying to find a therapist to help me through the transitioning process. I've tried contacting a few therapist I found online but have not had much success. They either never respond, don't take my insurance (kaiser), or aren't knowledgeable enough to help me. My biggest problem is that I don't know what questions to ask to determine whether or not they are the right therapist for me. Any suggestions? I am looking for someone in the Central Valley or San Francisco area.
Thank you in advance.
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May 13, 2007
4:30 PM
I have found someone named Koen Baum in San Francisco. Do you happen to know anything about this person? They were on the GAYLESTA website, but have no email to contact them and I am not sure about calling them, yet.
What questions would you recommend a novice ask when inquiring about services or qualifications?

Thank you
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May 15, 2007
11:10 PM

I haven't heard of that person, so I can't comment, unfortunately. I would certainly ask the person how much experience they have with working with FTMs and/or what education they've had about transgender issues. Think about what is important to you about how they think or feel or work with your issues and spell that out, if you can. Do you want them to have no judgements about your gender identity, transition aspects, etc? Do you want them to know what is normal or typical for FTMs before meeting you? Do you want them to see you as an individual and not as just another TG person? Do you want them to have the information you need them to know, so you don't have to educate them? Do you need them to be FTM or TG themselves, or be personally close to a TG person? If you can figure out some of this stuff you can ask about it, or look for it in how they talk with you. Be prepared to write to, or talk to several therapists on the phone or in person, if you are up to that, so you can pick one that seems most helpful for you. You might also want to look at my page on "How to Choose a Therapist" for general guidelines. Is this what you wanted to know?



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