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Depression -any known medical causes
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May 04, 2007
9:41 AM

I am 38 and have been dealing with depression that has not been helped by any of the SSRIs for most of my life. I have some physical symptoms that seem to be unrelated but my therapist thinks there may be a link (Doctors dont have any ideas.

-Migraines/headaches - frequent (especially during menstrual cycle.
-Mitral Valve Prolapse (not being treated, only have symptoms when being overly physically exerted)
-Constipation (entire life)
-PMS (mood swings, irritable)
-Heavy menstrual bleeding (last 6 months)

I have had no luck with neurologist, cardiologist or MDs. I am starting the rounds again but Im not very hopeful. I have a Gyn appointment next week, I had labs done yesterday.

It is also interesting my Mom has MVP, headaches, Hypoglycemia and had PMS (prior to menopause). My sister has had a constant headache for 7 years and has been seeing a Neurologist continuously with no relief. Something medical has to be going on here. There is depression on both sides of the family.

Any ideas?
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May 05, 2007
4:55 PM

I can understand your frustration; we don't know much about illnesses, and even when some doctors know something, many others don't. Finding someone who can help understand the whole picture can take a long time and alot of work (and luck). Unfortunately, I'm not a medical doctor, so not legally qualified to advise you beyond emotional and relationship issues. However, I once stumbled across a psychiatrist who taught me something very, very helpful to me, which might help you too. Some of the older tricyclic antidepressants, like nortriptyline, can prevent migraines in people prone to them. If you were really lucky, perhaps one of these would address most of your symptoms. If you could find a psychiatrist who specialized in migraines, you might get lucky. Let me know what happens.



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