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thinking gonna die for no reason
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Dec 12, 2006
4:54 PM
i have this problem. like for real in health, theres nothing wrong with me, but i always think i am going to die, it really scares me, and sometimes im afraid to go to sleep. it doesnt happen everyday, but at least 1 time a week. any advice?
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Dec 14, 2006
12:14 AM
Well, I would need to know much more to help you with that, but it sounds like either a panic disorder, or hypochondria, or the result of a trauma. Sometimes in situations like yours, people have been hypnotized, or regressed another way, and found that they seem to have lived a previous life, and their death was so traumatic that anxiety about it bleeds into their current life. Therapists who do that kind of work have treated this kind of situation like any trauma and have been about to relieve the clients of their symptoms. That may sound very strange, but it has been reported by many therapists. what do you think it comes from?



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