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Dec 04, 2006
7:26 PM
Ive recently had big changes in my life, moving 3 times in the past year and switching schools and cities. I have always suffered from headaches, as long as I can remember. I had been doing well in school, and after this recent move my grades have dropped and I am feeling very overwhelmed, seemingly by everything. I had not thought that I would be depressed, the thought never occurred, which makes me wonder if I need help or not. I blamed my constant unrest over the many changes which have occurred over the past year and have not thought to sek help. Do I have a cause for concern or am I just trying to get used to yet another new situation
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Dec 09, 2006
1:00 PM
Feeling overwhelmed often is a sign of depression, but without more information, I can't tell you if you're depressed or wheather or not you should be concerned. It does seem significant to me that your grades are notably lower than they used to be--do you know what is causing that?

I can tell you that talking to a good therapist about what you're feeling and thinking, and what you've been through for the past year is a good idea in any case. Even if you're feeling overwhelmed because you are being flooded with challenges, and not because you are depressed, talking about that stress, and perhaps finding better ways to manage it is important.

If you are handling things as well as possible, and you are only under stress for a short time, then therapy may well be only a session or a few sessions. If the stress you are under is causing you to be critical of yourself, to blame yourself for what's not your resposibility, or to feel hopeless or helpless, then you may be suffering from depression, or a more complicated response to stress.

Are you able to talk to a therapist at least for a session or two?



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