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Anna's Blog > Taking Ricky to Therapy?

17 Jan 2008

I asked my therapist if I could bring in Ricky to a session.  She asked me all about why and I realized I wanted her to explain me to him--plus I think they're both so cool, I want them to meet each other.  Oh, also, I think Ricky needs a therapist, and i thought if he came with me, it might get him started.  Anyway, my therapist said she wanted to be a resource just to me, and if I brought in Ricky, it might change things for me.  I thought that was insane at first (oops, I don't really mean my therapist is insane--well some ridiculous therapist-y thing) But then she made me realize how important it is to me to know I can talk to her about anything (except offing myself or someone else, or a current abuser--which she has to report) and she won't tell anyone anything.  So I might worry about her liking Ricky better than me, or her taking his side in something, or just not feel as safe with her.  She knows alot more about this than I do, but I could see her point by the end.  Maybe he and I will run into her in the world somewhere, and I'll get to introduce them.  Better start hanging out at Whole Foods!



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