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2 Jan 2008

Ricky and I have been hanging out--we spent Christmas and New Years eve together--actually we've spent most every night together and as much time as we can.  He's really cool--he's a lot more like a woman than a man in some ways.  He talks to me in this really sweet, soft voice that I could fall asleep to in absolute peace--it's kind of like a lullaby.  I miss the fact that he doesn't have breasts, but his chest is totally hairless, thank Goddess, so it's sexy in it's own way.  On New Years eve he showed up in a tux shirt and red bow tie, and handed me a fistfull of red roses.  He's very romantic.  We went dancing at a club with awesome music.  It was weird being somewhere with all heterosexual couples, and with a man, but I really like being with him, so it was ok.  He took me to a spot he knows to watch the fireworks, and kissed me and kissed me until I felt so close to him it was almost like we'd melted together.


I haven't told any of my friends, but I told my therapist, and she didn't even look surprised, much less confused.  When I asked her if she was surprised, she said "naw, woman, man, whatever."  I guess I worried about that for nothing.



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