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20 Dec 2007

Well, my class is over, and somehow I pulled out an A.  Guess I still got it.  But the big news is that I've been seeing this guy!  He came into the store a few weeks ago.  He hella flirted with me while ordering his ice cream, and he's pretty cute, so I flirted back.  My scooping partner was so freaking obnoxious--she says to him "don't you know this is lessssbian ice cream??"  So I told him aside from her being a bitch that it was true, but I'd like to get to know him better anyway.  So he hung around the whole rest of my shift, and even helped clean up!  His name is Ricky, and he's really a sweet boy.  His Mom died of breast cancer when he was 5 and he kind of became the wife of the family, while his Dad worked, and drank and slept--all sad and everything when Ricky did see him.  He took care of himself and his little 3 yr old sister.  I told him I wish my Mom had died, but his Mom wasn't like mine--she was really sweet to him.  She even made a video tape for him telling him how much she loves him and all, and he played it for me--I didn't know whether to sob or throw up--it was really intense.  I felt so sad for him!  He's got these big, soft brown eyes--kind of like the cat in Shrek 2, and when he cries too, he's even more irresistable.  Anyway, we started sleeping together, and it was weird, because I didn't think I'd be sleeping with a guy any time again, but he let me be slow and cautious, and he was really understanding, and didn't push anything.  I really like him, and he seems to like me.  Even Penny like him--she curls up in his lap every time he comes over.  I haven't really told anyone about him, though the bitch at work teases me--I just don't respond.  I should tell my therapist at least.  I just dont' know what she'll think.  I think she'll be confused--she always seems to understand everything, so it would be weird to see her confused.  I mentioned dating someone new, but avoid using a gender word.  I'm going to have to tell her soon--I just hope she gets it.



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