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17 Nov 2007

This crazy thing happened at work! These two older women came in and there were no other customers, so I started talking to them. I figured they were a couple of old dykes who'd been together for like longer than I've been alive, and probably bored with each other. One was really butch and the other was--guess what--really femme! Anyway, they were really nice and friendly and we talked for like an hour on and off. The craziest part was that they invited me over for Thanksgiving! I didn't have anywhere to go because Janet, and maybe even Rochelle by now are going to be with my friends and I just can't bear to see them yet. So I thought Penny and I were going to share some turkey giblets or something and that'd be it. So I told them yes, I'd come! I hope I don't act like a total dork. I don't know what to wear--I can't dress like them. How do I find out dress-etiquette for Thanksgiving at a couple of old dykes' house? I just need to be with some people. I hope I don't regret it. My therapist reminded me I can always leave if I'm uncomfortable. She said I could also go for a walk, talk to someone about how I'm feeling, or spend some time in the bathroom to figure out what I need, if having people around is distracting me from focusing inward.

I still haven't driven by my therapists' house. I wish I could talk to her about wanting to drive by and if it's ok or what--there's no one else to talk to about it, but it feels horrible to think about talking to her about it. I should just focus on my new friends and Thanksgiving. At least all I have to bring is ice cream from work. I hate cooking.



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