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7 Nov 2007

So I got up the nerve to ask my therapist if I could call her, after telling her how horrible I felt last weekend, and she said I could call her when I felt like I needed to! She said she'd call me back as soon as she could--even on weekends. Wow. She also said I might want to consider seeing her more often again, at least until I feel better. That sometimes needing to call her just means I'm not seeing her enough. I haven't been seeing her 2X/week for awhile, but I used to. I just have to tell the barracuda her bill is doubling. Maybe that'll satisfy her need to know if I'm ok with a big fat NOOOO!!! She's got plenty of money, and she fucked me up, so she owes it to me. I should get some benefit from all that work she did instead of like raising me and loving me and all that stuff mothers usually do! Fuck her! I guess I'm pissed. It feels better, actually than how I felt last weekend. Even my therapist said that anger was a source of energy to change or to get what I needed, so it can be a good thing. I always thought anger was just bad. I was always angry at the barracuda and she acted like I was just a spoiled, ungrateful, devil-spawn child who must have all my Dad's genes. Fuck, fuck, fuck herrrrrrr!!!!!!!



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