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24 Oct 2007

Ok, so it's official--Janet is Rochelle's girlfriend, and I am extra baggage.  I feel so, so alone!  This whole thing is so confusing!  First I was with R, then she was with J and I hated J, and then I was with J and R was gone, and now J and R are getting back together and I am all alone. WTF??  I feel like I've been taken for a ride.  I guess J was only interested in me as an interim girlfriend--a stand-in, a way to pass time while waiting for the real thing to come back. Goddess, I hate myself!! I wish I could just move somewhere and start over with no one who knows me. I can't bear the thought of running into them. I don't even know if J is going to tell R about us. How do I act if I do run into them? I feel so lonely, it aches all over my body. I'm going to hold Penny and cry myself to sleep.



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