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22 Oct 2007

Omigod! I can't believe how hella stupid I am! My therapist hates it when I talk about myself like that--she tells me if someone else talked to me the way I talk to myself, they would be toast.  She's got a point, but it just seems true when I say it.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that Janet told me tonight that Rochelle called her a couple weeks ago! She's living with her parents after bottoming out with crystal and then going into rehab in Arizona for 5 weeks.  Well, that's great--I mean it's great that she's alive and all, but Janet's been acting so weird and distant lately, and I didn't really get it--no wonder--duh! Why didn't I ask her what was going on? Now I don't know what I am to her. Am I her girlfriend? Am I her affair? Am I her ex-girlfriend? Am I her friend? I am so freakin confused!! I'm scared too. I have a feeling I'm going to end up alone here, and that would really really suck! Just me and my cast and Penny--no one to take care of me.



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