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11 Oct 2007

Well, Stupidass here broke my ankle--fuck!  I'm so pissed at myself.  I wish I could say I broke it saving a cat caught in a tree or something, but no.  I was just walking down stairs I walk down every day.  just as I was about to take the last step, a friend from class called my name, and I turned my head around to see her, and landed on the side of my foot, twisting my ankle and breaking off a piece of bone.  brilliant, huh?  So now I have to hobble around on crutches, and I feel like an idiot. Everyone looks at me, the dork who can't even walk right.  It hurt so bad, I was actually screaming in pain in the ER, so the dr gave me a few vicodin. we'd studied it in my class, but I'd never tried it.  Wow--I see why people get addicted to that stuff! one minute I was in horrible pain, and a few minutes later, my body felt the opposite of pain all over.  It felt exactly like the pain melted away--like it feels when you get into a hot tub, but even better.  It's a good thing the dr only gave me 10 of them, or it would be really tempting to keep taking them. I so don't want to be a drug addict--that would totally suck! I think I understand them a little better now though.  I mean studying them and talking about them is one thing, but taking the drug is like a whole new level of understanding. Maybe I should try some of the other drugs we're studying too.



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