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Anna's Blog > The Baracuda gives, and the Baracuda Taketh Away

10 Aug 2007

Unbelievable!!!  Here I am almost packed to go on a cruise to Hawaii, and the baracuda calls and says, "whoops--change of plans" and tells me we're going to "family camp" instead of the cruise! I have no idea why--I don't believe anything she says anyway--something about the cruise being over-booked and what----ever! "Family camp" sounds like way too much togetherness for my tastes. I talked to my therapist about it, and Janet, and I guess we're going. I will be starting school when we get back, so this is my big chance for a vacation. But I'm taking my journal and writing down every fucked-up thing the baracuda does, so I can tell my therapist all about it when I get back!



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