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2 Aug 2007

I tried to tell my therapist about my dream, but I kept feeling sick and dizzy, every time I tried. I finally told her I just couldn't tell her, and she just said that whatever it was about would come back when I was ready, and we would talk about it then.. That was a relief because I really couldn't talk about it, but I also think it must be important, so I don't want to ignore it. She told me I can ask myself for dreams to help me, before I go to sleep, and then have a pad and pen by the bed, so if I wake up with a dream, I can write it down before I forget it. I'm not sure I want another dream like that one, but I am interested in what my dreams might be trying to tell me, so I'm trying it. So far, I haven't remembered any more dreams.

Janet is so, so cool. We are hanging out, going to meetings, making love, laughing...it's been awesome! She's taking me to L.A. this weekend to meet her family. They sound as cool as she is, so I think it'll be fun. I've never been to L.A. before--I hope I get to see some Hollywood stars.  Wow, what a geek I am.



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