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27 Jul 2007

Shitshitshit!!!! I cried myself to sleep, missing Janet so much and I had this horrible nightmare! I dreamed I was in this sandbox with my Dad, and I was a kid again. We were playing and I was laughing and smiling on the outside, but I felt sick inside--like I had a creepy dark cloud inside me. My Dad was smiling too, and didn't seem to notice anything was wrong, and I couldn't tell him--it was like I didn't have control of my face--it just kept smiling and laughing, even though I wanted to scream and tell him how horrible I felt and to ask him to help me make it stop. Then the barracuda showed up and we both looked up at her, and she seemed huge--like a giant, and she was holding a rolling pin, and wearing an ugly dress and apron, and lots of dark clouds were rushing across the sky above her head. She looked really mad, and I was really scared. My Dad looked scared too, and I wished he would protect me from her, but I could see he was too scared of her. I felt bad not protecting my Dad, but I had to get out of there to live, so I jumped up and started running, and the barracuda saw me and ran after me, holding the rolling pin like she was going to hit me over the head when she caught me. I thought I could outrun her, but she was so huge, she only had to take one step for like 10 of mine, and she was catching up--I was terrified, and woke up all of a sudden like that. I was so scared, I couldn't even move for a couple minutes when I woke up--I just lay there frozen. G-whatever, that was horrible!!!!



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