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26 Jul 2007

Janet had to go to her 5 yr college reunion, and she's going to be gone all weekend.  I took her to the airport, and hugged her at the curb and started blubbering, of course. After she walked inside, I got back in my car and sobbed, like some crazy baby or something! I had to drive out of the airport, and couldn't stop sobbing half the way home. G-whatever, I miss her so freakin much already--how am I going to get through this weekend? So I just came home and curled up with Penny, and cried all in her fur, which made her fur smell kind of sweet. She's so patient to put up with some big old human soaking her with tears. She's such a sweet cat. It's just me and her now--on our own. Well, I guess maybe I could call some friends--see what Joanie and Melissa are doing. I hope I still have friends--I've been hanging out with Janet so much and spending so much time at the treatment program, I haven't really seen anyone in awhile. Maybe they hate me now. Maybe I should try to IM Gigi--see what her sorry life has come to--that might cheer me up, or at least distract me.



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