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26 Jun 2007

Well, the barracuda is finally going home!!  She's decided I'm ok enough for now, and her mission is accomplished.  She showed me so many options for schools and careers that I actually got a feeling for many of my options.  I have to thank her for that, because I realize I was actually kind of splashing around, not learning to swim and not getting any nearer to the dock.

One day working at the treatment center, I was complaining to one of the counselors about not knowing what to do for work, and she pointed out the obvious--duh--that I was working there.  So I pointed out that I wasn't getting paid, and she pointed out that I could get a certificate in chemical dependency and actually get paid to do what I was doing there.  I guess I was so flooded with feelings about Rochelle and Plern and the Barracuda and my own Al-Anon work and all the stories of the residents here that I couldn't see the pink elephant in front of my face.  So I looked into it, and signed up for the classes at Cal, and told the Barracuda, and she decided to release me!  I have to admit, I'm really excited about it.  I really do love helping people who need it.



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