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25 May 2007

Omgwtf!!!  I came home from work last night and the freakin barracuda was waiting for me in my apartment!  The freakin landlady let her in after she gave her a sob story about how I haven't been returning her phone calls, and how worried she is about me. Holy crap!  So she gave me a big long lecture about how I can't just not return her phone calls, and how she thought I was like dead and all. I just can't believe her! So she's staying for as long as she needs to to make sure I'm ok. How the hell am I going to convince her I'm ok???  She's already rearranged my whole kitchen this morning starting at 6 am. Now I can't find anything in my own kitchen, and I got like 3 hours of sleep, because I couldn't sleep for hours after she went to sleep.  For one thing, she snores like a big old dog and for another thing, I had so much to think about. How am I going to get rid of her?  How am I going to find R? What am I going to do about Plern? How am I going to learn to have compassion for my stupid, sketchy self? I'm just glad I have Penny.  She's the only thing that feels good right now. She cuddled with me and comforted me after the barracuda went to sleep. Thank G-whoever, I have therapy today!!



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