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14 Apr 2007

I completely forgot it was Plern's birthday on Thursday--until Thursday morning when she reminded me! Crap--what a close call! Thank whoever, I didn't have to work Thursday, so I ran out and bought her the Tracy Chapman CD she wanted and baked her a chocolate cake, and surprised her with it when she came over Thursday nihgt. She seemed happy, and that made me happy. Needless to say, I didn't think it was a good time to tell her what my therapist and I worked out to tell her, so I haven't yet. I am so excited about Hawaii, it's hard to think we might not go if I have this conversation with her. In a way, it seems silly, because I'm sure we'll have a great time--we always enjoy chilling together (or maybe that's not the right word for Hawaii--hanging loose? Dorky). Besides, maybe going to Hawaii together will make me fall in love with her--why do all this hard talking if it's not going to be relevant in a couple weeks? Maybe I should just go and see what happens before having that conversation? Why does it have to be a big deal, anyway--it's not like I can't stand her or anything, I just don't feel in love with her. The sex is still great. Dang, I hope Rochelle's ok while I'm gone!



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