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Anna's Blog > Decision about Plern for now

7 Apr 2007

So my therapist told me there's no "right" answer to whether Plern's enough for me or not, there's just a choice, and each choice has different outcomes.  So I don't have to know how to make the right choice, I just have to consider the consequences of each choice and decide what I want most.  She said no matter what I choose, I will lose something--that everytime anybody makes any choice, they lose something--that it's in the nature of choice that you lose something.  So I think I might as well enjoy what I get from Plern now, and see what happens--I could still fall in love with her, or just have a good time for awhile and then move on.  I do want to be with someone I'm totally in love with, so if that doesn't happen with her, I'll have to keep looking.  Anyway, I haven't known her that long, so I'll give it more time.  I'm just afraid I'll hurt her, if she gets more attached, or falls in love with me, and it'll be hella painful to break up--plus I'm sure I'll miss her, since we spend time doing fun things together.  I actually spend kind of a lot of time with her. Or I did before Rochelle got into treatment. Now she waits for me at my apt and plays with Penny until I get home.  She's really being hecka patient with my spending so much time with R, especially since she's my ex.



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