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23 Mar 2007

Omg is Penny cute! I've been keeping her just in the bathroom, because that's what they say to do for awhile. I just walked in there to visit, and all I see is this little furry butt with a skinny tail sticking out of it on the side of the bathtub. So I tiptoe over to see what the hell she's doing and she's licking the water off the inside wall of the bathtub. So then she hears me, and turns her head, and her front paws slip and she goes skiing down the side of the tub head first, scratching with her claws wildly, skids across the bottom, bonks her head on the other side and bounces back, landing in a furry ball of flailing paws with her back in the drain! She always has to pretend she meant to do whatever ridiculous thing she just did, but boy that was hard this time! So she just stands up and struts to the back of the tub, sits, aims, and levitates up to the side of the tub again, then leaps from there directly to the sink, and sits there looking out the window, like she'd been on her way to doing that all along. I so want to hold her little warm purring furry body next to me in bed and cuddle, but I still don't think she's ready. I do think both of us are lonely at night though, when I'm alone in the bed and--Uh oh--I just heard a big splash and claw-scrambling! I better go see if Penny needs to be fished out of the toilet!

She did. She's in there with alot of licking herself to do now. Figures I'd get a cat as dorky as me. Yesterday, I walked in there, and she was standing at the full-length mirror, hissing and batting it with her paws, like it was another cat! Dang, maybe she needs glasses or something. I hope she doesn't have a screw loose or something. She's such a cute dork though. I wish I could be that cute being dorky!

I worked up the courage to call the barracuda--hoping I'd get her voice mail, and then she wouldn't call me for a week or somethingn because she'd feel like she'd talked to me.  I did get her voice mail, which was such a relief--though hearing her saccrine voice meant for clients makes me cringe. So I left a message about Penny and how adorable she is and what good company she is. Of course she couldn't just let me be done with her, so she called me later. She can be nice for like, 3 seconds, and then she turns into the barracuda again. So then she tells me I shouldn't be supporting a cat when I can't even support myself with what I'm earning, and shouldn't be responsible for a cat when I'm not mature enough to be responsible for another being. She's obviously implying that she's paying for me to live, and she doesn't want to pay for a cat too, which adds up to 'if I'm sending you money, I own you and get to tell you what to do or not do with my money. I got this image in my head of grabbing her head by the hair and pulling really hard until her whole fucking head just tears right off, and then I have this horrible bloody barracuda head in my hand, and I toss it away while the mouth screams a horrible scream. Yeeecccchhhh! I hope I don't have a nightmare tonight! I gotta figure out how to earn more money to get the barracuda off my fucking back!



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