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19 Mar 2007

God I'm tired--but thought I should write.  Plern took me to her sister's house to meet her family, and to take my mind off being worried about Rochelle.  It was her sister's birthday party. I brought her some bead earrings I made, and didn't have wrapping paper, so wrapped it in newspaper.  I used the cartoons, so it would be like totally colorful and cool.  She lives in Danville, so apparently doesn't get many presents wrapped in newspaper, because when I handed it to her, she held it real loosely, like she wanted to drop it before she got contaminated, and she looked at it like I'd handed her a dirty diaper or something.  Come to think of it, she looked at me kind of like that too.

She has a pool, and she told us to bring bathing suits, so we did and Plern and I had a blast paddling around the pool, seeing who could make the biggest splash, swimming between each other's legs and sometimes copping a feel on the way.  This pool was swwweeeeettt!  It had a waterfall, and looked kind of like a pond.  The weird thing was, nobody but us even went in the pool!  They all sat around the outside looking at it like it was a piece of art or something, instead of a place to play.  I don't know if these people play anyway.  Except golf, maybe, if you can call that playing.  Golf seems like something you could play in church--really quiet and dignified--plus you dress up in special clothes and no one ever gets dirty.

We mostly ignored her family, but they seemed kind of uptight.  Everybody looked like they'd had one too many facelifts, but it might have just been that their phoney smiles got stuck from doing it so much.  They're the kind of people who talk so meanly about everyone that you're afraid to leave the room to go to the bathroom, because you know you'll be the next target if you do.  Plern doesn't really like them, but it was important to her for me to meet them anyway.  I felt kind of bad about it, though, because what if Plern and I don't stay together--we're still so new, and I have no idea if we'll be together for a long time or not.  It seems like I'd just be adding to their ability to target her if I meet them and then we break up.  I wanted to be a good girlfriend, though (or whatever I am)--I wanted to be what she wants me to be, so I didn't want to say I wouldn't go.  I know I like Plern for now, so what else can I do?  If she didn't want to risk my meeting them and then breaking up then she shouldn't have taken me.  I haven't made any promises about the future with her.

Anyway, after splashing around all day, we slept over at her sister's house in a room with two twin beds--puleeeeaaasssse!  Whatever.  Anyway, we cuddled in one for awhile and talked and giggled and then decided just to push the two beds together.  About 1 in the morning, I got really hungry, so we went tiptoeing out to the humungous kitchen and raided the refrigerator and pantry.  So we put together this feast of oreos, and deli meat, and baguette, and cheese, and olives and chocolate milk and all, and ate in bed while we watched tv until two.  We started kissing and touching and ended up doing it until like 4 in the morning.  Then her sister's little terrors started running around and screaming around 6:30.  Needless to say, I'm about ready to fall over with exhaustion.  More tommorrow....



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