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Anna's Blog > Weekend away with Plern plus helpless with Rochelle

13 Mar 2007

Wow, I'm really behind on my homework--been really busy!  Plern called me on Friday, and told me to pack a backpack and be ready to go away for the weekend--and that's all she'd tell me!  It makes me nervous not to know what's going on, but I kind of like it when she tells me what to do.  So I packed my toothbrush, contact stuff, money, phone charger, some clothes and a book, and waited for her on the sidewalk in front of my apt.  She came on her motorcycle and I got on and went with her.  It was scary and exciting and felt so free to just go with her not having any control over anything!  So we rode and rode, and 4 hours later, we stopped in front of this gorgeous house right on Lake Tahoe!  Turns out, she has a rich friend who lets her stay in her Tahoe house whenever the friend isn't using it!  Wow, it pays to date older women--they've been around enough to like know people and have gorgeous houses they can take you to.

I couldn't believe this house!  It was all redwood and glass--tons of window--huge windows looking out at the lake and the snow-capped mountains--it was like a fairytale or something.  We took a hot tub on the deck, looking out at the lake.  My butt was pretty sore from riding, so it kind of hurt, but kind of felt good too to soak.  Needless to say, we had another fuckathon, which is why I am so behind on blogging.  Dang, doing it in front of a huge fireplace and warm, smokey fire, on a soft fur rug, with the view of the lake and pointy mountains was like totally romantic.  I had a really good time--Plern is an amazing cook, and I ate things I couldn't even categorize into a particular food group.  I guess this means I should be falling in love with her, but I don't know if I am or not.  I think I'd better soon, though, or I'm going to start to feel guilty about everything she gives me, and how well she takes care of me.  I don't even know if I should call her my gf yet or what?

So I talked to Joanie and Melissa about doing an intervention with Rochelle.  They don't think she really has a problem, and they think she'll ask for help if she needs it, plus the bitch will deal with it, if she needs something.  I couldn't believe it!  How can they be so blind and stupid about this?  What does she have to do, have her nose FALL OFF for them to say "Hmmm, oh, well, maybe she does have a problem?"  I don't know what to do now.  If J and M aren't in, and I don't want to talk to the bitch about it--she'd probably just tell R I was trying to put her away in the funny farm or something and like totally turn her against me.  Shit!  Now what?  Gigi was no help--she's obsessed with the bf--following him around to try to catch him sticking it in someone.  Drove past R's house a few times--couldn't tell anythign.  I have this strange guilt that I'm sort of cheating on Plern or something when I drive past R's house--doesn't make sense.  I'm such a dork.



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