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5 Mar 2007

Wow, what a weekend! Plern and I had a fuckathon! I can hardly walk! It was really fun. That woman really knows her way around a harness. She just focused on my pleasure until I was completely satisfied, and seemed to love it. Then we did her. Then we ate and started all over again. I can't believe I could get so turned on again, like I hadn't had sex in a year, only an hour after we did it. I even called in sick to work so we could keep going at it. I never had sex like this before.

I have to admit it was a bit shocking at first to see her scar and no breast there, but I'm getting used to it now. Everything else is so awesome. She talked about it a little. How at first she didn't think anyone would ever want to have sex with her again. I asked if I could touch it, and she let me trace it with my finger. It was sorta cool. Kind of like petting a snake--you know, kind of scary and creepy, but it also kind of felt good and different from anything I'd ever felt, in a cool way.

Then when I got home today I had like a million messages from the barracuda.  I had turned off my cell all weekend and only remembered to turn it on when I got home.  Apparently she's got some kind of vague medical problem she wants me to feel guilty about not knowing about the minute she knew. I don't even want to call her and listen to her give me shit.

The oneI am worried about is Rochelle, but I got no calls from her, even though I left her several. I should probably try to talk to the bitch about it, but I don't know if I can stand it. I drove by the house on my way home from Plern's, but I couldn't tell anything. I don't know why I thought I could. It's not like they'd have a banner hanging outside saying "Help! Rochelle is tweeking her brains out" or something. I have therapy tomorrow. Maybe my therapist will know what I should do. God, I hope she doesn't legally have to call the police or something if I tell her about it. I'll have to ask her first somehow.



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