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2 Mar 2007

On Plern's computer again. We had another date last night, and it was fun. She's really sweet. She said she think I'd be good at nurturing people or animals and should go for it--whatever I want. She had breast cancer a few years ago (turns out she's 10 yrs older than me, even though she looks like 20 or something) and she said she's so grateful to be healthy now, that she doesn't want to waste one minute of her life waiting to do what she really wants, because she sees there's just so little time. I've never really thought of it like that before. I pretty much just figure I'm going to be living for such a long time that it doesn't matter what I do other than whatever keeps me going. Like working at the ice cream store for four years after college--I just figured I'd get serious later.

Rochelle looked like shit again yesterday, but she told me she just had the flu. then later I was going in the restroom as she was coming out, and she was sniffling and rubbing under her nose like people do after they snort something. She's tweeking--I'm sure of it. I wish the bitch would stop her. It scares me, and she won't even talk to me about it. You'd think she wouldn't want to mess up her new pretty nose she must have paid a shitload for. Ohmigod! I wonder if she had that nose job because she'd already messed up her nose from crystal! I never thought of that. God, that's sad! I gotta do something. If I could only figure out what.



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