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25 Feb 2007

I'm writing from Plern's funky-assed computer so the font is weird, but I'll change it later (changed it!). Anyway, turns out Plern is into a little bit of BDSM too, and we had one wild time last night! Well, nothing scary, or heavy-duty, just what I like, a few silk scarves, a little leather.... She is a little funny-looking and she's way too skinny for my tastes, but she's pretty cool. So on my way to her house, of course I drove by Rochelle's, but she was out with the bitch. So I said a little, like, wish thing--I dont' really believe in a god or goddess, or anything, but sometimes I send out a wish just in case anyone is monitoring that stuff and needs help knowing what I want. So I said this wish for me to be happy with someone who was just all mine. I didn't say who, because I figure if there's something out there arranging this stuff, it probably knows better than I do who I should be with.

So Plern and I had dinner at her house--she cooked this vegetarian thing with broccoli and cheese, and some kind of rice-like thing in it. It tasted pretty good considering what was in it. I wandered around her apartment while she finished cooking, and that was sure interesting. She collects BDSM gear, and it's like decorating her whole place! I mean, not the stuff she uses--these are just collectables. I knew what some of the stuff was--like I recognized the whips and gags and stuff, but some of it--like this one thing that she said fit onto a horse--I really didn't even want to know what they were.

So we talked about our ex's and our childhoods, and parents and jobs and everything, and listened to Colbie Caillat, which I'd never heard before, but her music is really cool. Then after dinner, she drove me on her bike up to Grizzly Peak to look out at the view and we ended up making out on her bike with her sitting backwards so our fronts were all pressed up against each other and everything. She's pretty fun to make out with, even if she is kind of skinny and funny-looking. Anyway, the whole time, I'm thinking, I hope she invites me to stay at her house tonight, and then she did! It was really fun except for a few times a memory of Rochelle flashed in my head and I started crying a little. Plern was really nice about it, though, she just held me and didn't ask too many questions. I think I'm ok, anyway, though I do feel a little weird. I can't explain how. Maybe I'll tell my therapist and we can figure it out. I hope she doesn't think I'm a slut.

Plern made dinner, so I want to make her breakfast before she gets up, so I better do that.



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