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22 Feb 2007

Ok, so I'm a little drunk.  I had to get a little drunk to call Plern.  So I called her and we have a date for this weekend!  Which is great, but I sure could use someone right now to like rest my head in her lap and have her stroke my head or something.  Plern had to get off the phone because she had a client. She had to meet with this woman who wants to dress in men's clothes but she's like short ant fat and so needs some help. Plus I guess people don't want to deal with the sales people in stores and making up shit that no one believes to cover the fact that they're buying boxers or whatever for themsleves. Pretty cool that she does that--much needed service, I'm sure. Personally, I like buying my own clothes and I dont' knew if I dress like a woman or man or whatever--I just dress like myself. Maybe bi-gender, multi-age thrift shop would describe it.



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