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Anna's Blog > The girl, Gigi, stalking and Rochelle's nose

15 Feb 2007

Still no girl.  Gigi is totally cool, though.  She likes all the same music I do!  She's supposedly straight, though, and she lives in Michigan some place.  I think she's going to come out, though, because if she's so straight, why's she spending so much time with me?  Besides, she listens to KD Lang and the Indigo Girls and watches Rosie O'Donell on tv--is that queer or what?  She's a little bit funny-looking--she's got like buck teeth, and kind of close together eyes and kind of stringy hair.  Oh, plus she's into tying people up and fucking them--which I love being tied up and fucked.  I guess her boyfriend is into it.  She probably pretends he's got breasts.

It sure seems like a long time between times I see my therapist.  It's like so much time goes by I have to catch her up on every thing, and sort of get to feel comfortable with her again, and just when I'm really into it, it's time to go!  Plus there are so many things during the week I want help with, and by the time I see her, it's like not on my mind anymore.  And then I leave and I go Oh Shit I can't believe I like totally forgot to tell her that really big important thing!  I haven't told her I drive by Rochelle's house all the time.  I'm afraid she'll think I'm a stalker, and maybe call the police or somethitng.  I wonder if I am a stalker?  What makes someone a stalker or not?  It's not like I'm planning to hurt her or anything.

I still don't know how Rochelle's surgery went.  I see them in there, and she's got this big bandage all over her face, but who knows what's under it.  She probably doesn't even know.  Anyway, she's walking around and all, so at least I know she's not dead.



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