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14 Feb 2007

Valentines day for everyone else in the world except me! I worked at the store and all these couples came in kissing and grabbing each other's ass and all. We had all these stupid valentines decorations all over the freakin store. It's like the whole world was screaming in my face: everybody has someone to love them except YOU LOSER!!! I was hoping the girl would come in and I could tell her we were meant to be together and invite her to take a hot tub with me after work and sip some champagne and eat truffles. I would have read love poetry to her, and kissed her neck, and she would have like totally fallen for me. But no sign of her. crap.

It is freakin VALENTINES day after all! Anybody who doesn't have two heads is out celebrating with someone who loves them. Here I am listening to KD Lang over and over and crying my self to sleep--probably. No, maybe I'll get online and talk to my friend Gigi on myspace!

After work, I drove by Rochelle's house, like always, and then drove around the block about eight times so I could watch in the windows without being like totally obvious. I couldn't see anything, though--I don't even know if she's ok after her surgery. I should call and hang up when she answers, except the bitch'll probably answer and for all I know, she could be keeping Rochelle's dead body in the basement.

Hey, one cool thing happened today. One of the girls at the store is having a party Saturday night, and she invited me. I am so there. I am totally going to flirt with everyone at eh party, no matter how hairy they are or how many teeth they're missing or whatever. I know what I'm going to wear too--I just got a new skirt at the thrift store that comes down to like just below my crotch,plus these cool green and purple tights and these really cool black boots with silver spikes that go up to like my knees, and my favorite labris in my nose.

Ok, back to KD and Gigi--here I come, Baby!



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