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9 Feb 2007

Ohmigod! I met the woman I've been waiting all my life for today! She came into the store. I didn't notice her at first, because the pitchfork guy--that's what we call him, because he always carries a pitchfork, and when he comes in the store he parks it against the wall and then comes up and orders his ice cream. So I saw him do his thing, and pretended I had to go fix something in the back, so Sandy, my co-worker would have to deal with him. I just couldn't handle him today--I was on my last nerve! So I came back and Sandy was scooping his chunky fudge ripple he always gets and I went to help the person behind him, and there she was!! Oh My God! She's got gorgeous long blond hair, a big round butt, and blue eyes that came straight out of the ocean. If that weren't enough, when I see her, I smile, and she smiles and she's got these unbelievably cute dimples at the corners of her mouth! So I'm grinning at her like a geek, and she has to say "can I order?" before I wake up and stutter some kind of "yes." Our eyes stayed locked on each other until I had to go get her ice cream, and then I watched her through the glass case while I had my head in the freezer. I tried and tried to think of something to say to her, but my mind was blank, so I ended up just saying something totally nerdie like, "here it is!" So she left with the ice cream--she was alone--so she probably doesn't have a girlfriend, because if she did, she'd have gotten something to go, right? God, I hope she liked the ice cream and comes back for more. If she doesn't come back, I'm going to have to kill myself. Come back to me, my beloved! Wow, what a geek I am.



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