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7 Feb 2007

Ok, so I finally got off my butt and went to see a therapist.  She suggested I start a journal, so I'm doing my homework.  It really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  She didn't tell me I was crazy or anything, which I thought she would.  She actually seemed like she was interested in everything I said, which nobody else ever is, so that was pretty cool.  She asked me if I needed help figuring out what to say, which I did.  Amazingly, though, I ended up talking right up to the end, and would probably still be talking if she hadn't told me it was time to go!

So I told her all about my ex-girlfriend who bugs the crap out of me.  We have to work together, and I can hardly stand it.  She tries to be nice, but I just give her the cold shoulder, because I know she's always going to go home to that bitch that stole her from me.  I don't want to get a new job, but it's like rubbing it in every day seeing her.  All I can think about is what they're doing at home, and how nice and cozy a family she has now and I have no one.  I just spend all my time online, but that's not really like having a family.  Though I guess for me, my online friends are sorta like my family.  Like there's this girl I know from myspace.  She's into the exact same kink as me!  I didn't tell my therapist about all that--too embarrassing!  Anyway, this girl is my friend, but she doesn't keep my bed warm.

I just wish Rochelle (that's my ex) would get a job somewhere else, and maybe I'd forget about her.  Maybe I could stop driving by her house, trying to see if she and the bitch are having a good time or something, which I'm sure they are.  I don't know how the therapist is going to help me, since she's not gonna get Rochelle another job or anything.  We'll see.




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