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28 Oct 2009

So I've been kind of stuck in thinking I'm bad for being such a baby, and wanting my therapist to hold me.  So today she asked me if I wanted to try some EMDR.  I've heard of it, but it sounds pretty wacko.  I can't dismiss it because my therapist obviously thinks it's a good thing, so there must be something to it.  She explained it, but it still seems weird.  She taps back and forth on my hands or knees and I close my eyes and imagine something, and this is supposed to help me not think I'm so bad, I guess.  So I said I'd try it, but I'm really scared.  What if it is wacko, and I lose respect for my therapist?  I'd be devastated! Or what if it does something awful to me?  What if I lose control and throw up, or hurt something, or bark like a dog?  I guess that's only with hypnosis, and she says this is different from hypnosis.  She says I'll be in control at all time, will just be myself, and can stop anytime.  She said I might feel some intense feelings, but they will pass quickly, and then I will probably feel more resolved and integrated than I ever have.  Sounds good, but wacko.



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