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21 Sep 2009

I hardly know what to write.  I'm becoming boring, I think.  I keep wondering if I should stop going to therapy now, because I'm really doing fine.  I'm actually kind of happy even.  Ricky and I are really easy and comfortable with each other--he's so sweet!  It's true we're not really having sex, but we're working on it.  I think he's even sweeter and we feel closer since his Mom died.  I like my job, I talk to my parents on the phone and it goes ok, most of the time.  I think I might even be able to start calling her my "Mom."  That looks a little weird, but it's probably ok.  I don't know when I'm supposed to leave therapy, and I don't want to hurt my therapist's feelings.  Also, I know I'm part of her income, and I don't want to hurt her income either.  Hmmm, guess I'm being a bit of a Co about it.  Maybe I should talk to my sponsor about it.  I wonder if my therapist will let me leave.  What if she tells me I'm too fucked up to leave??  What if she's glad to get rid of me??  What if I leave and then I regret it and she's mad at me for leaving and doesn't let me come back???   I should probably just talk to her about it.  Everything else I've ever been scared to talk to her about has always been fine--great even, when I did talk to her.  I sure would miss seeing her if I quit, though.  I wonder if we could like meet for coffee or something sometimes if I'm not her client anymore.  I don't know if I can ask that question!  Maybe leaving will kind of jinx me and I'll have all kinds of problems right after I leave--or all these terrible things happen to me!  It's hard to imagine not needing therapy.  I am pretty different than when I started though.  I just don't know how to tell when I'm finished being therapized!  How do you tell when you're fixed!???



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