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22 Jan 2009

Wow, I can't even believe my own life the past few weeks!  I went to a party on New Years eve, and Ricky was there.  I tried hiding for awhile, but then I went to the bathroom and he came out and almost ran right into me.  It was actually really nice to see him smiling at me again with that sparkle in his eyes.  I used the bathroom and when I came out and wandered into the dancing room, there he was, still smiling at me all sexy with a beer bottle in his hand.  So he came over and asked me to dance, and we ended up dancing for hours.  At about 1 am, he pulled me into the walk-in pantry and we had really hot, sweaty sex.  It felt so good to smell his warm breath, and his Tag aftershave, and his body close to mine, and my legs wrapped around him.


So we talked and hung out the following week, and one night he called me and he was all crying and told me his Dad had called, and his Mom was in the hospital, and probably was dying of cancer.  He told me he had to go be with his Mom and help his Dad, and he asked me if I would go with him!  He said his Dad would pay for everything, and he really, really needed me.  How could I say no?  I mean it seemed a bit awkward--no, totally awkward--I'd never even met his parents, and now we didn't even know if we were friends, or boyfriend/girlfriend, or how to introduce me to them.  Plus, it seemed like such a personal, private time for their family, and I thought I'd just be like a big old possom in a nest of mice.  Uh oh--I gotta go--more later...



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