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17 Sep 2008

OMG!  I googled my therapist and she had three friggin pages of stuff!  I can't believe I didn't do this sooner!  She's written books, articles, reviewed kayak lessons, taken watch repair classes, given lectures, gone to high school in pennsylvania, college at vassar and mills, won poetry awards--all kinds of stuff!  She's also on a pile of sites for therapists, some of them even have reviews.  I'm going to write a review for her because she's hella awesome!  I knew she was great, but now I feel really lucky I get to have her as my therapist!  She's also done some articles and workshops on lesbian stuff--I wonder if that means anything about her.  Now I've got to find out her home address and google earth her--just to take a look.  Then I won't do anything more.



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